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There are many different types of eyeglass and sunglass materials and styles, hence leaving many different types of eyewear repairs. The major factor in eyeglass repairs is what type of material the eyeglasses or sunglasses are made of. The two parent materials used to make eyewear frames are plastic and metal. Within these two parent material types are many variations, which include different types of plastics and metal alloys like titanium, nickel and flexon frames.
Plastic frames vary from the most common acetate plastic to carbon fiber and nylon, amongst others. Another important factor is knowing the frame anatomy and frame-type which are key factors when addressing the best possible solutions in producing durable and practically unnoticeable glasses repair results.
Laserfix has always been on the cutting edge of technology within the eyewear industry, and has been able to fix metal, plastic and titanium eyeglasses and sunglasses for many years. Our technicians are experts with electic-welding, brazing, soldering, laser welding, argon welding, etc. and are laser welding certified, producing practically unnoticeable results that are backed with a 6 month warranty and provide free shipping both ways.
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